We will send out the Kagoshima charm!


Welcome to Kagoshima,
a land of majestic natural beauty, vibrant cities,
and distinctive culture–all blended together into a single dynamic whole.

Kagoshima City, tucked alongside the active volcano Sakurajima,
is the largest urban center in southern Kyushu.

The island of Kyushu lies at the southern end of the Japanese archipelago,
and Kagoshima lies at Kyushu’s southernmost tip.

Kagoshima Prefecture consists of the two peninsulas of Satsuma and Osumi,
the World Heritage site Yakushima, as well as numerous isolated islands.
It boasts the largest land area of any prefecture in Kyushu,
stretching some 600 kilometers from north to south.

Mountainous and surrounded on three sides by the ocean,
Kagoshima’s abundant natural beauty makes it a scenic paradise.