From Farm to Table

We buy our beef and pork directly from our affiliate farm in Kagoshima, Nanchiku who has been raising Wagyu cows and Kurobuta for five generations. Their commitment to traditional, quality-crafted food shows in our award-winning online butcher shop, founded in Singapore in 2012 to bring Kagoshima Wagyu Beef and Kagoshima Kurobuta of the highest quality to the masses.

All of the beef and pork we sell has been produced on Nanchiku farm in Kagoshima, South Japan. They have been raising Wagyu cattle and Kurobuta for many generations and in this generation they couple traditional methods of raising beef and pork with contemporary farming advancements. Their emphasis on total quality control means that their beef is exclusively grass fed and slaughtered in their own licensed on farm abattoir.

The result is meat with a natural sweetness, a deep red colour, fine intricate marbling and superb cooking and eating qualities.

These same exacting standards are what we look for in all the producers of the foods you see on our website, with safety, quality and taste from farm to table.

All of our food has been sourced and developed with the highest safety and quality standards, preserving the techniques and tradition of small craft farming for our customers.

Every item we sell online, can be traced to a good producer using the finest traditional husbandry and production techniques.

How Ordering by Weight Works

All our products, including select prime cuts are priced per kilogram or where otherwise stated. We sliced your meat as to your order and weigh the meat on an electronic weighing scale before packing them.

Where are You Based?

We slice our meats in AVA-approved central kitchen in 8 Chin Bee Crescent. Our administrative office is in 420 North Bridge Road.

Where Do You Source Your Meat?

Our meat comes from Wagyu cows and Berkshire Pigs reared on Nanchiku farm which is located within Kagoshima Prefecture, South Japan.

What is the best way to cook my meat?

As you are browsing through our website, you will find plenty of tips under “Tips and Recipes”. Use the information on this webpage well and you will be cooking your meats like a celebrity chef! The great thing is, the meats are already high in quality and therefore you do not have to do very much to churn out great tasting quality dishes!