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Our website has been updated and the name changed to Fantastic Japan.Through our ties with Kagoshima in Kyushu, we have continued to bring you high-quality products from those areas of Japan.

In addition, our Group restaurant, Chikuyotei uses ingredients exclusively from Japan to offer the delicate, delicious flavors of seasonal Japanese dishes.

We are now in an era when Japanese foods are being enjoyed throughout the world.
The foods cultivated on Japanese soil through the passion and techniques of the Japanese people are all amazing.

I have personally been to the production sites, seen the products with my own eyes, and tasted them for myself. We offer only the best, carefully selected products to Singapore.
Ingredients from Kagoshima are especially filled with vital energy and the blessings of nature.

For example, Kagoshima kurobuta (black pork) is known for its white, sweetly delicious meat. Black pigs are fed locally grown sweet potatoes, and the meat is popular for its fine texture.

Kagoshima wagyu (Japanese beef) is exceptional for its tender texture and rich flavor.
Seawater salt is made in cooking pots using a traditional manufacturing method from Bonotsu, Kagoshima prefecture.

Sprinkle it on Kagoshima wagyu to draw out the sweetness and flavor of the meat.
The beef is thinly sliced to make it easy to eat and use in Japanese dishes, such as shabu shabu and sukiyaki.

The authentic delicious tastes and Japanese-style of eating are proving popular not only with Japanese living in Singapore, but also with Singaporeans.

We sincerely hope that you will utilize our shopping site to turn your dining table into a fantastic dining experience with genuine foods from Kagoshima that we recommend.
We will continue to introduce high-quality foods, as well as products including alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, crafts, and household goods.

Fantastic Japan welcomes and appreciates your business.

Omi Pacific Pte Ltd Managing Director
Nakakita Yoshihiko

Information on Group companies

Japanese Restaurant Chikuyotei

The restaurant offers Singaporeans delicious Japanese foods and the Japanese spirit of hospitality.

Chikuyotei has been in business for more than 150 years, since its establishment in 1851.

The restaurant’s delicious flavors and trustworthiness have been passed on to Chikuyotei Singapore, making it possible to offer the seasonal flavors of Japan.The passage of the four seasons is expressed in the dishes.Diners enjoy the seasons while communicating with nature.

Master Chef Akihiro Maetomo, who trained in Osaka, talks about how the basics of Japanese cuisine begin with dashi (soup stock).

“I’d like for everyone to experience the delicate deliciousness of Japanese foods. That, of course, requires authentic dashi and ingredients produced in Japan. For instance, we make dashi from konbu (seaweed) from Hokkaido and authentic dried bonito from Makurazaki that we shave in the kitchen to use in soup dishes said to demonstrate the true value of Japanese cuisine. The dashi used depends on the dish. The seasonal appetizer of salted salmon roe is prepared with rich-tasting dried mackerel, while dried tuna is used for refined, clear soup.”

The master chef takes great care with the flavor of the fresh dashi, shaving authentic dried bonito from Makurazaki in the kitchen right before using it.

Moreover, not only meats and fish, but all ingredients from salt to soy sauce, Japanese horseradish, and vegetables such as perilla are procured from Japan after visiting various production sites and selecting only the best.

The plates used to grill Kagoshima wagyu for yogan-yaki dishes were selected by the master chef himself, who went to Mt. Sakurajima, an active volcano, to discover them.
The plates fully elicit the great taste of Kagoshima wagyu.

The restaurant also has a variety of shochu liquor, Japanese sake, and wines. Diners can experience the service and delicate flavors cultivated by Japanese cuisine, as well as the seasons, while appreciating the tableware and presentation.

Singaporean diners fully enjoy the welcoming hospitality of Japan.

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